Woven Fabrics Department

Woven Fabrics

Our Woven Fabrics come in a wide variety, catering to the diverse needs of customers. We also customise the fabrics as per the client's requirements. The types of fabrics include Cotton Poplins, Cotton Cambric, Cotton Voile, Cotton Twill & Drill, Stretch Poplins, Cotton/Linen, Viscose/Linen,100% Linen, Cotton Crepe (High Twist),Viscose Crepe,100% Viscose & 100% Bamboo Fabric. We make fabrics up to 143” (360 cms) in width. Also, longer piece lengths of up to 500 mts, in widths up to 130” can be manufactured.

We offer the following types of fabrics including 100% Bamboo Fabrics.